“260: Is Trump Libertarian? And FISA Section 702”
by We Are Libertarians

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Chris Spangle, Chris Gault, and Creighton Harrington reunite the original cast and discuss how little has changed since 2012, but everything is different. We ask if Trump is a libertarian President, and explain the reauthorization of FISA Section 702.

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A panel of experts from TechFreedom, the ACLU, R Street, and the US Naval Academy discuss Section 702, the controversial warrantless mass-surveillance provision of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).


Foreign Policy Explained, Ep. 1: Government Surveillance: We’re Being Watched (video): Is government surveillance of private citizens ever justified? Prof. Abby Hall Blanco from the University of Tampa explains the history of spying by the American government on its own and foreign citizens.

Should You Be Afraid of the NSA? (video): Cindy Cohn and Ronald Sievert share their opposing views on the threat of NSA Surveillance.

Edward Snowden: Surveillance Is about Power (video): NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden says government surveillance is taking away our privacy AND our security.

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“Featuring General Michael Hayden (former director of CIA and NSA) and Barton Gellman (participant in the Edward Snowden surveillance leaks) debate at American University about the balance between security and liberty, government and free press.
Filmed by Ford Fischer”

Sex and Intimacy are Inseparable. Aziz Ansari Proves It.

A society that puts promiscuity above genuine connection isn’t working for men and women. We’ve all believed that sex without attachment is the highest form of personal freedom thanks to the Boomers and the sexual revolution, but in reality, it’s led to awkward degradation. Maybe some people are able to disconnect emotions from sex, but I find those people detached from healthy intimacy in general. Forced chastity is wrong, but we need to end societal shame over chastity by choice. There’s nothing wrong with putting genuine connection first and building relationships without the pressures and complications of sex. Let’s be honest, sex outside of a relationship usually sucks. The Aziz Ansari story is the perfect illustration of that.

“259: Trump’s “S-Hole,” Haiti’s Past, Aziz Ansari and #MeToo”
by We Are Libertarians

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Chris Spangle and Harry Price discuss the s-hole comment, why the right can’t trust Trump, why is Haiti an s-hole, and Spangle explains the birds and bees to Aziz Ansari and the #MeToo movement.

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MLK Was Not a Republican

My least favorite part of MLK day is conservatives pretending that Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican. The political parties were much less connected to ideology and national politics then. His wife was a socialist and he sympathized with her views. My second least favorite part of the day are conservatives and libertarians claiming he was a communist.

King avoided politics not related to the cause of increasing black equality so he wouldn’t alienate any potential allies. On issues of economic equality, he sounded a lot like Bernie Sanders because he didn’t trust the free market or local governments to treat his constituents fairly. Predicting what he’d think about politics almost 50 years after his death based on comments in an era and place where politics were vastly different is a silly leap in logic.

He was constantly baited to wade into the controversies of the day by journalists and avoided it consistently so he wouldn’t turn people away from his cause. That did happen in droves when he opposed Vietnam. A lot of activists should learn that lesson.

Can the Right Trust Trump?

Listening to talk radio hosts question whether they can trust Trump or not over immigration is hilarious. No. You can’t. That’s what most of the world has been saying since 2015.

It is a dangerous prospect for the republic if a large portion of our well-armed society grows disenfranchised by the last politician they will ever trust.

This meeting caused many on the right to look at the “dealmaker” with side-eye.

We’d Be Better Off Ignoring Trump

Donald Trump is going to win a second term. The Shithole episode shows that anti-Trumpers have not learned their 2016 lesson.

A Democratic source leaks the shithole comment, and the press runs it as gospel. The usual suspects denounce it with lofty words and preach against Trump and his disgusting ways. Half the country reads this and takes it personally because they agree with the President. They notch up their resentment towards the liberal-leaning of elements of this country once more.

For instance, Dan Rather’s virtue signaling on this is as responsible for this false binary reality as Trump. “This view is unbecoming of the President.” Right. We get it. Most of us have been saying that for two years. The people we want to change have tuned us out. Criticizing a political figure is important, and it’s not being done well. It’s wrapped in emotion so it isn’t effective. It’s just causing the right to react the same way. It’s just a continual cycle that neither side is willing step back from, and the rest of us are caught in the middle.

Trump is a genius at one thing: getting media attention. He understands this dynamic works so he continually does things to keep his name in the papers.

The shithole comment doesn’t matter. Trump has a very simplistic and traditional mid-20th century view of American exceptionalism. We are great because we have the biggest military, the most money, and a white culture. He is unapologetic about being rich, white, and having the most bombs.

The Trump Fire is best extinguished by ignoring the stuff that does not matter and isn’t policy.

“Introducing the Brian Nichols Show”
by We Are Libertarians

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The Brian Nichols Show
January 12, 2018

Host Brian Nichols introduces The Brian Nichols Show, outlines the goals for the show, and covers FISA after Thursday’s FISA 702 vote.

The Brian Nichols Show is for libertarians, conservatives, Republicans, moderates, independents, and even those on the left, who are actively seeking a political news program that objectively covers the week’s news to help educate, enlighten, and inform.

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