Much is made of Trump’s war on journalists. People seem to forget that Obama jailed more reporter’s sources than any President combined. While Bush and Obama had a horrendous record on journalism, I thought it was interesting that Michael Wolff praised the Trump administration for their openness towards the press in his book Fire and Fury. James Risen was one of those reporters that stood up to those two administrations, and he details his fight in this interview with the Intercept. The full interview can be heard here.

Investigative journalist James Risen fought hard to get classified information published at The New York Times, where editors were quite willing to cooperate with the government. In this video, Intercepted host Jeremy Scahill speaks to Risen about his yearslong battle with the Department of Justice — spanning both the Bush and the Obama administrations — as well as his struggles with his own editors at the New York Times. Read Risen’s article: